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John McDaniel


John McDaniel
WSI Integrated Web Solutions, Long Island, NY

As serial entrepreneur, John has built multiple successful businesses both online and offline and brings 35 years of experience, know-how and effective best practices to help other companies achieve their business goals and objectives. John’s relentless and effective critical eye to the bottom line of marketing and sales activities ensures his clients’ the best opportunity for success in delivering a positive return on any of their marketing investments.

Always interested in new technologies and techniques, John takes a scientific approach to help small, medium and large business, on both a local and national levels achieve and surpass their marketing and sales goals. He has, in many cases, driven triple-digit business growth and expansion for his clients by leveraging the changes and developments in online strategies and new technologies to drive growth.

As a WSI Internet consultant for over 10 years, John has studied and participated in the development of Internet marketing since its infancy. Today, he uses those skills, and the data obtained personally and in concert with the WSI network of experts, to exceed the expectations of his clients through:

  • Lead generation
  • Online Branding
  • Online Sales- eCommerce
  • WSI Adaptive SEO

In addition to his many business ventures, John remains active in his local community, giving both his time and expertise to many worthwhile causes.


John McDaniel ensures his clients get the best, when designing online marketing solutions that really work. Superb quality of work and personal follow up when working with colleagues or clients. I definitely recommend John next time you have a question about your online marketing.

- Kevin Heun - Search Engine Marketing at 4SiteDigital

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